“We are ourselves our happiness.” Letitia Landon (1825)

Dining alone on the most romantic day of the year need not be depressing. It’s an opportunity for you to treat yourself to your favourite meal.Prepare your table: Bring forth your best damask table cloth, your good china and glassware and a real cloth napkin. Dim the lights, light some candles.

Buy yourself a red rose, but not to put into a vase, no. Float the petals in a lovely bowl, afterwards you can use it as a finger bowl and even better add some rose or rose geranium essential oil.

Prepare your Decadent Chocolate Mousse the day before:

2 Avocados

125ml  cacao powder

32ml coconut oil

63ml maple syrup

32ml water

Blend all the ingredients until smooth.

Refrigerate and serve when ready.

Dress in your favourite, feel-gorgeous outfit.

Light the candles, start the music…and appreciate how beautiful your table looks. How inviting and fragrant that dish. What a shame it would be to share it with another person who wouldn’t appreciate it.

Indulge in supper, use your fingers, once sated use your centre piece finger bowl. Now, enjoy dessert in the smallest possible spoonfuls, to make it last.

At bedtime, slip into your sexiest pj’s (it could be your own skin) and leave yourself a note: to treat yourself to the second portion of mousse for breakfast when you awaken. Oh, what decadence! but you don’t need to feel guilty. What a senses-gratifying evening…and morning after.