Welcome! The Healing Sanctuary.

” Health is a state of equilibrium, where you are free from disease and “dis-ease”, free of pain and discomfort. Where you have freedom of physical movement without being restricted by stiffness or pain. A state of mental clarity, where you’re free from anxiety, fear, worry, stress and depression, and you have the ability to adapt to ever occurring changes.“

This is the philosophy of Dr Chanel Martin and Dr Zahraa Kazee of The Healing Sanctuary, situated in The Zone, Rosebank.

Let The Healing Sanctuary help you on your wellness journey.

The Healing Sanctuary has a passion for health and healthy living. This integrative healing space offers a variety of therapies and services that heal body, mind and spirit.

When treating an illness, it is important to take into account the unique emotional and physical traits of the individual concerned. Homeopathic remedies work by helping the body’s defense system to help itself. Through their homeopathic dispensary they are also able to create individual remedies.

This beautiful healing centre offers a host of treatments – from Dr Hauschka facials and body treatments to Reflexology and Biopuncture, which is not just used for pain or injuries of the musculoskeletal system; it can also be used to treat functional disorders.

Another popular treatment offered is DNAlysis, which is a personalised medicine approach to healthcare which allows for more precise, predictable and preventative health care that is customised for the individual patient.

The journey to becoming the best possible you is not only about treating ailments, it is also about preventing them. The Healing Sanctuary offers various nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals and herbals that are all from top quality product ranges. They also give top quality advice on which products will be best suited to your needs.

The Healing Sanctuary often hold talks and events on various health and lifestyle issues to help YOU on your journey.

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Meet Chanel.

Chanel has a master’s degree in Homeopathy; as well as being a certified Reiki and Reflexologist Practitioner who has been working in the health industry since 2001.

Her engaging, compassionate and trustworthy nature is an essential healing element on the path to health. Her gentle touch and warm approach are very nurturing and prominent in body, facial and reflex treatments.

She loves reading and research, and constantly explores new avenues of healing through nutrition and supplements. Her complementary health knowledge is extensive and well respected.

Chanel loves walks in nature, cooking and a good book. Read her blog articles in our blog section where she shares her knowledge and research with you.

Meet Zahraa.

Zahraa holds a master’s degree in Homeopathy and has a specializes in treating women and children. Dr Kazee has a growing practice treating endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalances and injuries amongst other acute and chronic conditions. Zahraa’s ambition is to make homeopathy easy and accessible to all.

Zahraa’s passion for wellness is portrayed in her dynamic approach to case taking. The mental, emotional and physical aspect of each individual is carefully considered to ensure a sustainable and effective treatment plan is developed, with the patient’s best self in mind.

Zahraa’s love for wellness and women empowerment is evident in her involvement as Chairperson of Live2Give, an NGO that provides sanitary pads to female learners. As well as in EaCo, a biodegradable sanitary pad brand which focuses of a chemical & plastic free alternative to women’s menstrual products.