Spatone® Liquid Iron is a naturally occurring iron supplement that’s sourced directly from Snowdonia National Park in Wales, United Kingdom. It is packaged into single use sachets which are ideal for use on the go or in the home. This wonderful product is easily absorbed and is ideal for people who might not be getting enough iron from their diets.

Natural water with each sachet containing 5 mg of elemental iron as Fe2+

Do not exceed recommended use.

Add to fruit juice – iron is more easily absorbed when taken with Vitamin C. It’s ideally taken on an empty stomach in the morning. It’s best to leave a 30 – 45 min gap before eating or drinking if you are taking it between meals.

It’s gluten-free/ It’s suitable for all over 2 years old/ 100% natural/ Clinically tested/ Gentle on the stomach/ Ideal during pregnancy